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Officially entered into Guangdong Railway Bureau


There was a significant meeting that happened in the beginning of January 2021. It represents Wosign Co., Ltd. officially entry into Guangdong Railway. There were many core members and technicians attend this meeting. During the meeting, members had an exchange on issues that related to technology and theory about products. Some technicians also had a try that how to install the Rail Terminal that under the guidance of the Sale Manager of Wosign Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, technicians did some tests according to advantages of Rail Terminal that listed out, which including tightness, fastness, safety performance and so on.

In addition, members of Guangdong Railway Bureau took the Sales Manager to the Railway spot and looked over the place that they will going to apply the Rail Terminal.

All in all, Wosign Co., Ltd had received the approval from Guangdong Bureau and orders have been placed already right after this meeting. In the first phase, it will be launched into five spots and gradually expanded to the entire areas of Guangdong province. It exactly a milestone event for Wosign Co., Ltd.



16th Jan. 2021